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Embarking on the path of holistic healing, I've woven the essence of who I am into the fabric of my practice. Behind the therapist I am today lies a jurney enriched by a multitude of passions.

Cooking is my artistic expression. A formal pharmacy technician, I honed my skills in blending herbs and spices, infusing science into the art of creation. This culinary alchemy not only satisfies my palate but also enhances my ability to craft personalized healing experiences.

A devoted reader, I immerse myself in literature that resonates with the rhythm of my heart. Each page is a gateway to life lessons, a continual journey of growth. I selectively choose subjects that feed my curiosity, nurturing both my brain and soul.

Animals hold a special place in my heart, where connections transcend the physical. At a soul level , I find profound communication, an understanding of their needs and desire. Dogs, in particular, teach the sublime lesson of unconditional love.

Water, a source of both vitality and tranquility, is my sanctuary. Swimming amidst the fluid , cleanses me energetically, providing profound relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether it is the sunny expanse of ocean beaches or the serene shade of palms, water remains a conduit to my deepest relaxation.

Above all, my love for my family is the cornerstone of my gratitude. They form the foundation upon which I have built my practice, enhancing  my approach to healing.

In the realm of holistic massage therapy and spiritual healing, I share not just knowledge and skills, but a genuine passion for what I do. My guiding principle is simple yet profound: I give to my family , friends and clients what I wish to receive - nothing but the best.

It is this commitment that fuels my journey, creating a space for transformative healing experiences.

Welcome to a sanctuary of well-being. I am here to share, to heal and to inspire!!

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What our customers are saying

Come in for 45 minutes massage with Alina and the therapist was incredible! :-) I was born with erbpalsy in my right arm and so that arm doesn't straight out at all and if I want to put my arm behind my back I have to use my left hand to guide it but I didn't mention anything about that to the therapist. When I was asked to turn over on the table, she asked me whats going on with my arm. I explained to her and she decided to work on that arm for the last 7 minutes of that appointment. No joke, I could move it behind my back without the help of my other arm. I was very impressed I had to call my mom and tell her

From: D

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